I was super stoked to get the call to work with Director Brandon Dermer again. The last project we shot together was the PATD! ‘Victorious’ music video.  After a day or so of pre preproduction, on Friday May 13th, we found ourselves scouting the actual Friday the 13th forest we were to recreate. Everything seemed perfectly in its place.  This of course comes after the treatment had completely changed just a couple days prior.  Jon LaJoie had written a couple treatment ideas and with the new approved budget we aimed for the dream treatment.   With all of the production complications and  variables  thrown at us I am super proud to watch this video from concept to completion. Everybody on board this team was amazing to work with and all went above and beyond to capture the vision.  What started as a “simple” one day shoot, quickly spread it’s wings into a 3 day, multi-location shoot. THANK YOU all for over delivering in every department to actualize this treatment.

Big thanks to my team at Anthem Films!!!  And of course HUGE Thanks to my crew! SQUAD!
Thank you for taking me on a journey through my childhood Jon Lajoie!  Brandon- Lets jam and talk about whats next!




Written, directed, and edited by Jon Lajoie
Co-directed by Brandon Dermer
Produced by Ray Blanco

Anthem Films

Executive Produced by Djay Brawner & Blake Greenbaum
Executive Assistant Abigail West
Head of Production Derek Dale
General Manager Nicole Swedlow
Production Company: Anthem Films


Gabriel Bateman as The Boy
Andrew Fox as The Boy’s Brother
Bodie Neme as Sebastien
Leah Kilpatrick as The Woman
David Rispoli as The Boyfriend
Frederick Lawrence as The Murderer


1st AD Sam Shapson
KEY PA Rion Fisher
Production Assistant Joan Gallagher
Production Assistant David Moore

Director Of Photography Wojciech Kielar
1st AC Chuck Shwartzbeck
2nd AC Dom Jones
DIT Day One Jacqueline Lehr
DIT Day Two Jorge Gomez

Production Designer Justin McClain
Art Director Jake Solano
Asst Art Director Melissa Gamez
Set Dresser / Truck Driver Bill Peterson
Art PA Hannah Olsen
Set Dresser – John Craighead
Gaffer Kyle Fallon
Key Grip Ely Gonzalez
G&E Swing Driver Aaron Pong

Make Up Artist Lili Kaytmaz
MUA asst Sunny Drissia

Wardrobe Stylist Daniel Selon

DIT and Assistant Editor Andrew Wilsak
BTS Gabriel Younes


Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins for defeating the San Jose Sharks. 

Direct YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG8iAtpavK4

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