Happy Birthday ‘Water and Solutions’

This was never my band but it will always be my baby. From the first time I witnessed the delicate brutality in 1993, I committed to providing all of my expertise toward the success of these 4 men collectively known as FAR.

Printing thousands of T-shirts and stickers, booking and promoting hundreds of shows and tours, driving tens of thousands of miles across the globe, producing multiple music videos, jumping in on bass, drums, guitar and even vocals, setting up and tearing down gear and stages night after night, tour after tour, tuning guitar after guitar. While on tour with Far I searched the world for musicians for what I wanted to be a “female fronted far” and ended up with Home Town Hero. 😂

I learned a lot during this time. I met a lot of amazing people and saw a lot of wonderful places. I quit the only “real” job I’ve ever had on a Friday morning to leave Sunday for an album cycle. As John Paul Jones stated “Tour dates! This is tomorrow….” and I never looked back or ever have had an ounce of doubt or regret.

Many others continue to be influenced by… but I’ve yet to re-experience anything quite like this band. The perfect balance of fuckery always teetering on brilliance and dismay. Blood? So what, it’s pain ~less.

And this was all before November ‘98.

Thank You John, Shaun, Jonah & Chris for allowing me to join the circus.

Sincerely Yours,

Vince Black

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