Howard, Sharon & Blanco at Jones Beach

Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne & Ray Blanco

Throwback Thursday: 2002

Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne & Ray Blanco.
Home Town Hero had been on tour nonstop. We had a #1 single on KROQ in Los Angeles called “Eighteen” and another single at #1 on the east coast KROK sister station called “Questions”. At the time we were touring with everybody; Incubus, Hoobastank, Stone Temple Pilots, Weezer, Tenacious D and many more…

This was a show we performed at Jones Beach. This is a fun venue set out on the water. Coming from our bus that was parked on the other side of the water, we had to take an underground tunnel to get to the backstage area. I was all ready to play in my boxer attire; shorts, hood up & a pair of sticks ready for war. I was being escorted through the underwater tunnel. I found myself alone with Steve Stewart(HTH manager) and the one and only King of ALL Media- Howard Stern.
I believe Howard introduced Home Town Hero to the audience that afternoon.

I spent many years traveling and meeting inspirational people who had been my heroes throughout the years. All without a camera to document my moments. Thankfully my dear friend & photographer Patrick Haley was on the scene to capture this moment(and many others) which I will never forget. If only Patrick could be everywhere with me 🙂

The Osbourne family were supporters of Home Town Hero so having Sharon in the photo was a no-brainer. If I remember correctly, I had only asked Howard to take a photo with me and he asked Sharon to get in the photo as well. 2 of the most powerful people I have ever had the honor of meeting and talking with.

To top this day off, The Strokes opened for us on this day and hanging out with a ridiculously drunk Julian made for some exciting times. Followed by after parties with underaged Jack & Kelly Osbourne throughout NYC clubs… fun times & great memories.

Below is a clip from the concert: Pretty boring daytime and we are playing the ballad that KROQ wanted as the number one single. It finally kicks in around 1:30 and at about 1:54 the classic DRUM/GUITAR battle began between Drew & myself. Drum World got off to a strong lead by breaking the guitar and causing serious feedback… but our amazing crew; Timmah & Jesse had everything back to “normal” and Drew was back in at the solo. The end of this clip 4:08 scans the audience. That place is fricken HUGE! 😛


Eighteen KROCK DFP

Home Town Hero | Myspace Video

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