In celebration of their 5th studio album ‘Fight or Flight’ released this week from Hoobastank, I give you Throwback Thursday with drummer Chris Hesse & Hoobastank.

Chris Hesse(Hoobastank), Ray Blanco(Home Town Hero) & Danielle Gary(Warner Bros) * Photo by Patrick Haley[/caption

In the late 90’s and the early 2000’s a little bubble of artist and bands began ascending from a small suburban town in California north of Los Angeles called Calabasas. Although we lived about 15 minutes north on the 101, we also got grouped in as being a band from this town- hell, that’s probably why we got a record deal 😛 We all got to know each other from continually playing local shows and eventually going on tour together.

I am gonna have to dig around for some amazing Hooba footage from touring and will post later. Let’s just say I left my camera in our dressing room at the Casbah in San Diego and when I finally got around to checking the tape I had some very personal messages recorded for me courtesy of someones “talking ass and balls”.

Home Town Hero went on tour with Hoobastank in 2002. I spent most of the tour influencing and teaching Chris some sick stick twirl moves however I never achieved ultimate success of getting him to rock without gloves on. 🙂

This is a clip from the San Diego show at the Casbah. The classic drummer swith-a-roo! We had already been on tour for a few weeks but it wasn’t until I got seated behind his drums during the show that I quickly realized Hooba didn’t have or use any floor monitors. They were all on in-ears and I obviously didnt have mine in. So I was “flying dark”. Doug introduced me behind the drums and I remember not having any clue what he was saying, I turned to Chris and yelled “I have no clue what’s going on!”. I went ahead and threw in some twirls for good measure. I just kept waiting for the big build part so I could come back in thrashing a song I really had no idea how it went. Great Times!
Another night on this tour Chris joined HTH on stage and played “Questions” on drums. More footage to find! Until then, enjoy this little tid bit.

Blanco plays drums with Hoobastank

These are some good guys and I wish them great success with their new release. Go check out their new record @ Hoobastank Who knows, The Bangkok Five does have a new album about to release…. maybe we will tour again!
(hint hint smack slap HEY YOUZ GUYZ!!)


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  1. Tim Fears

    This is actually ‘Canes Bar & Grill (R.I.P.), not Casbah. You should stop in down here and visit the ol’ Whale’s Vagina more often, Raylo!


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