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Full Page ad in the DrumHead Magazine Legends Issue

Full Page ad in the DrumHead Magazine Legends Issue

Hello and welcome to my site – The Drum Maven.  My name is Ray Blanco and I play drums.  This page will be exclusively dedicated to drumming and the drummers in the drum community. Everything drums! Interviews and videos with your favorite players, product reviews, behind the scenes at concerts and backstage, photos of gear new & old, drum tips, tutorials & secrets all from some of the biggest drumming names in the industry today.

Thank you for joining me and sharing the love and passion of rhythm & beats.  We are the pulse. We are the music-makers.

Ray Blanco proudly endorses; Rich Sticks, Thrust Drums, DW, Gibraltar & Zildjian Cymbals.

Please send any questions to: DrumMaven@Gmail.com









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