Not sure I could have said it any better. We all walk through life on a journey, sometimes we are fortunate enough to find other like-minded warriors fighting the same fight. Sometimes the stars line up and you are blessed to fight the fight together. “People Change, Lives Rearrange” and all your efforts seem to disintegrate as the proverbial rug is pulled out from under your feet. Facing failure head on or when you don’t quite reach the goals you set out for exposes true agendas. Quitters fade away, Lifers emerge. Now imagine being blessed with a yet another chance… The Time Has

Thank You Brian Murphy for writing the beautiful and inspiring message below. I am so grateful to embark on this journey with you & Gregory Alan Coates yet again. Stardust to Stars. ‪#‎OneLove‬

“From the beginning of 2003 through June of 2007 I gave my life in its entirety to a band. We were blessed enough to tour Canada twice, the UK & Europe three times, not to mention endlessly traversing the U.S.A. We played basements, backyards, bars, clubs, theaters, sheds, arenas and festivals. We lived like animals and passed up on all of life’s basic creature comforts for the privilege of playing music day in and day out. I documented a great deal of it in a blog I wrote for Gibson about being in a scrappy rock and roll band. Life changes us all. Coming so close to your objective, only to have the proverbial plug pulled definitely changed me. What changed me more than losing the deal, more than losing the spins at radio, the booking agents or the managers was losing the brotherhood of the guys I risked it all with. We played close to 700 shows during that period. You can’t fake that kind of connections those experiences forge. As our past manager, the great Tom Vitorino recently told me,”No one can be denied the keys to the kingdom if they are pure of heart and 100% invested.”
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