In the 90’s, after I had been studying A Course in Miracles for over a year, I entered a six-month period of heavy meditation and growth. During that time, I was not involved in a relationship. One morning, after finishing my workout, I told my guide that it was about time for me to start dating someone. As I was leaving, I noticed two women entering the gym. Although we had never met, I greeted them, and we chatted for a few minutes. At the end of the conversation, one of the women gave me her telephone number. Later, I called her and we went to dinner. As we got to know each other, I realized how compatible we were. The relationship began effortlessly and continued that way for over three years. During that time, we both experienced many miracles.

However, the relationship changed as time went on. Although we had previously enjoyed a very powerful, non-judgmental, loving experience, we had now become critical of one another. Just as she became jealous of my time with my son, I became aggravated by her time on the telephone while she was with me; we no longer enjoyed being in the present together. Within two months, we broke up twice and then got back together. During our third and final breakup, my greatest miracle occurred.
A friend of mine who owned a nightclub suggested that I come to work there on weekend nights for a few hours. One Friday evening, my former girlfriend came into the club with several of her friends. I welcomed them and hugged her. During the evening, she was joined by a man. They sat very close to where I was working and soon the two of them began to hold hands and kiss. I experienced great turmoil when I saw her with someone else. To ease my discomfort, I moved to another area of the club. After a couple of hours, I noticed that her friends were preparing to leave. When I asked them where she had gone, they said that she had left with the man. I felt confused and in pain.

That Friday, I had one of my rare sleepless nights. When I went to my meditation pyramid, I asked my guide for a way to peace. He told me to imagine myself on life’s path, content and peaceful until I came to a body of water. To cross the water, I needed a boat-in this case, she was the boat. It took her over three years to carry me to the other side. During this effortless voyage, there was tremendous growth and there were many miracles.

However, when we reached our destination, our journey together was over. After landing, I was supposed to continue on my path. Then he asked me, “But did you do that? No.” He continued by explaining that when I was on the land, I remembered how much fun my boat voyage had been, so I would get back on the boat. But once aboard, I would realize that we were not going anywhere. Again, I would disembark. This pattern repeated itself until I finally decided to continue along my path. But I did so by walking backwards and gazing at the boat. I would look to see who else got on, how she treated him, and how he treated her. My guide concluded by saying, “you cannot see what is in front of you by walking backwards.” I was filled with peace.
The next night, she returned to the club and met him there. As they passed by me to leave, she pulled her hand out of his. I walked up to them, introduced myself to him, and hugged her. I told him that she was a wonderful woman-I had no animosity or anger. I felt great love and appreciation toward her for the journey that we had taken together.



Thank You for the Experience. I <3 You.



from Absolutely Effortless Prosperity
by Bijan

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