The last month got a little hectic. I attempted to make some back end changes to my website and the next thing I know it had gone completely haywire, everything shut down and stopped working. I have had no access to my website for over a month. Finally i was able to figure out the problem and get everything back to functioning properly. I’m sure nobody cared more than I did, but I am happy to finally have my site live again. The only remaining issue appears to be not linking directly to my website. If you encounter this problem, simply add    “/blog”   to the end of my url  • I should have this fixed soon though.

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Some of you may have noticed that i have been using Instagram frequently. I was able to send a live stream of my feed to my website. So all the photos I post to instagram will automatically be updated here as well. If you see a photo you would like to know more about, the story, where I was, etc. Post your request in the comments thread and I will gladly share more than 140 characters with you. If you lose this thread, you can always go to my photo gallery and click on the insta photos link:


In the music world of †b5 land…. We named our new album.  †b5 Whi†e Wi†ch   († ‘s are optional at this time:)
This is the banner art for the facebook page and whatnot. So sexxxy!  Lots more art, photos, videos and of course MUSIC… coming soon.

White Witch Banner

†b5 Whi†e Wi†ch


And dreams do come true…

Dreams Do COme True

RayLo Kisses the cup…

Someone at the age of 25 recently told me to “Never Stop Dreaming”.  I never do. I guess I should’ve responded…. “Never Stop Working Towards Your Dreams”… or “With Patience, your dreams can come true”
I patiently waited 26 years for this moment above to come true.

Much more about my encounters with Lord Stanley & I will hopefully have a really special announcement regarding LowTide Lounge in the near future as well.

It’s ALL Happening… Thanks for your support.

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