Hello Everybody.

I haven’t had a chance to upload photo albums from the European Black Map tour or the European Papa Roach tour but I promise those are coming.  The reason I haven’t had a chance to edit photos is because the day I got back from tour with Papa Roach I jumped straight into pre-production at Anthem Films to produce another music video. This time for the band Saint Motel and the song ‘My Type’.  The song has been featured in the new movie Paper Towns and we got the opportunity to shoot the video to compliment the movie scene.

Guess what… more synchronized dancing in this music video! Big shout out to all of my crew! You guys were great and made it all happen. In addition to my amazing crew I’d like to give extra big special thanks to The AquaLilies & The Bling Divas! All of you ladies are amazing and you did a wonderful job.  From what was originally only supposed to be 25 people on set became over 100 head count! Challenge accepted. 🙂

I am currently in pre-production for another music video we are shooting this weekend July 25th & 26th for the band Coheed & Cambria.  Keep your eyes peeled for that one to launch next!

Enjoy the video. Share and spread the love! Thanks for watching!




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