I only spoke to Scott a couple of times. It was when they took my band on tour with them.

MVC-002SStone Temple Pilots were a big influence on Home Town Hero, Bruno especially. We were managed by Steve Stewart and Brian Klein who managed STP from their high school beginnings into super stardom and because of this relationship we were fortunate to experience some of the shrapnel when they took HTH on tour in 2001/02.   Opening for Stone Temple Pilots was one of my most memorable rock and roll tours. It really felt like we had accomplished something big to be sharing the stage with our idols, our icons, our modern day Led Zeppelin. Every night we left our all on the stage but it was no comparison for these legends. But we were here, they knew our name and we even ate dinner next to each other at catering sharing tour stories. It was the first time I ever experienced a 100% DRY dressing room and backstage and although I didn’t drink alcohol it was eye opening to see it occurring. The struggle is and always has been real.

On the final night of tour Stone Temple Pilots invited Steve Stewart to join them on stage to play drums on Sex Type Thing 

I filmed him warming up for a few songs, air drumming along to Eric before he finally took the stage. It was amazing, to see them all on stage together, smiling and rocking with the siren wailing above the PA.  After the song, and EPIC outro completed, the band along with Steve walked to the front of the stage for a final group hug and bow to the audience. I was standing stage left and each of the band members walked past me.  I got this shot of Steve and Scott walking off the stage.
Steve & Scott_Stamped
Robert engulfed by haze in the background waves to the audience, Scott Weiland & Steve Stewart arm in arm sharing a moment captured in time. I am forever grateful of our experience in rock n roll history with Scott & Stone Temple Pilots.

I watched them perform every night I also watched them every sound check.  Great memories were created and many great relationships were created because of this tour.

Thank You for all of your art, influence & style.

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