For 35 years September 25th has marked the end of era in the drumming community.  RIP BONZO. Your flavor forever inspires and influences us rock & roll drummers. Today, like every year, I will listen to Bonzo’s beats in awe, forgetting that I know how to play the drums and letting  his feel resonate throughout my bones. As I write this, the first snare hit of ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ cracks my skull and the kick pedal squeaks into my ear drum, and just for the moment I am thrusted through time, vision blurred yet clearer than ever.

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It it with this clarity that I am excited and proud to announce a new chapter.

I am playing drums for a new band called  PLEASURE BURN.

Featuring original members of The Bangkok Five:
Brian Murphy * Greg Coates * Ray Blanco




Already having performed 2 concerts and shooting a music video for the forthcoming song  “Can’t Take You Anywhere” in just under one week in existence, you can anticipate lots to follow.

Join us at



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