Waking up and seeing director Brandon Dermer’s Instagram was how I learned the news. 

The Panic at the Disco! ‘Victorious’ music video has been nominated for an MTV VMA.  In other words, a friggen Moon Man! 

I’ve been creating music long before I began producing music videos and obtaining a moon man was never the goal. In fact, quite the opposite. MTV was the pinnacle yet one had to “sell out” to get there.  The awards and accolades never being the purpose so long as I could continually create. And so I began producing music videos to actualize other artist visions with this same spirit. 

In my vast experience in production and as a producer over decades of efforts, very rarely does the purest definition of the word “TEAM” come to mind.  Every single person on this crew went above and beyond making it an absolute pleasure to work… Play? Create? Make sacrifice ? Trust?

… and the karma gods have responded to our positive vehemence.  Nomination for the highest regarded award in music video production. And so here I am, as a producer, on a different side of the honor and I couldn’t be more proud. The nomination alone garners explanation for years of dedication and I am beyond grateful. 

It would be icing on the cake to actually win the friggen moon man via production and not with my own bands music video. 

If you are interested in voting (hourly 🙂 PLEASE do so here: Anthem Films- MTV VMA BEST ROCK VIDEO 2016

Watch the PATD! VICTORIOUS music video here!

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