“Staying busy with a lot of creative outlets makes it possible for me to play drums, anytime. It always remains priority and my weapon of choice.” 


Countervail  1996-2001 (2007)cvail_promo

Founding Member (Tour & Studio)
  • “self-titled” | 1997 5 Song CDep(Words Of War Records)
  • “Empty hand for a heart” | 1998 4 song CDep(Phyte Records)
  • Limited press 7″| 1999 limited edition (500) 4 song double 7″(New Age)
  • “The Most Abused Word” | 1999 11 song CD/LP(New Age Records)


 Insurgence  1999


Home Town Hero  1999-2003


Founding Member (Tour & Studio)
  • “self-titled” | 1999 5 song CDep
  • “self-titled” | 2002 Maverick Recordings/ Warner Bros

Home Town Hero toured with Incubus, Hoobastank, Weezer, Stone Temple Pilot, Tenacious D, Lit, Remy Zero, The Strokes, System of a Down, Foo Fighters & more.
The bands eponymous major label debut(recorded @ Morning View studio) was heavily promoted by Warner Bros. Records, and their singles “Questions” & “Eighteen” received significant airplay in major American radio markets, MOST ADDED multiple weeks in a row and climbed to #1, most requested and most played in many markets. (EDGE, Q101, KROQ, KROK) “Questions” was also included in video game soundtracks for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 and Legends of Wrestling II.


Fader  2004FaderBand

(Tour & Studio)
Voted Best Band in LA by Gibson Guitars.

Gibson’s Best Band in LA


Dave Lichens  2005


Ginger Sling  2005



Feersum Ennjin   2005

Paul D’Amore from Tool. Mac from Self.

The Bangkok Five (tb5): 2005- Current

Toured with The Cult, PapaRoach, BuckCherry, Riders on the Storm, Unwritten Law.

  • 2005 “10 The Hard Way” | 5 song CDep (Aeronaut Records)
  • 2006 “Who’s Gonna Take Us Alive?” | LP (Universal Records/Execution Style)
  • 2008 “We Love What Kills Us” | 10 song english/spanish CDep (Sony/ Long Live Crime Records)
  • 2010 “Under The Covers” | 12 song cover album LP (The Bangkok Five, LLC)
  • 2015 “White Witch”   UnReleased LP (The Bangkok Five, LLC)


Fundamental Music | Wrecking Crew | The Bangkok Five Custom Music 2008-2014



Examples of custom music work:
Ask.com “Who Wants A Deal?” 09- Vox Production
Burlington Coat Factory Winter 08, Black Friday- Writing/Performance/Production
Burlington Coat Factory Summer 09- Writing/Performance/Production
Burlington Coat Factory Summer 09 2- Writing/Performance/Production
Burlington Coat Factory “Moment” 09- Writing/Performance/Production
Golden Corral 1- Writing/Performance/Production
Golden Corral Sunrise Steak- Writing/Performance/Production
Golden Corral Calender- Writing/Performance/Production
LG, XBU Product 09- Writing/Performance/Production
Irish Spring- Writing/Performance/Production
Paul Mitchell 1- Writing/Performance/Production
Paul Mitchell 2 Writing/Performance/Production
Sears Back To School 09- Writing/Performance/Production
Sears Back To School, Viral Internet Campaign, 09-
Wheat Thins 09- Writing/Performance/Production
Zappos Summer Ad Campaign 09- Writing/Performance/Production

Ford- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i97ClVr0SFo
Nike- http://www.youtube.com/user/NikePlusTV#p/a/f/0/seoDO8Q6iH0


Shaun Lopez 2009


Good Knives  2014 – present

Touring Good Knives



Pleasure Burn 2015- present

Touring & StudioIMG_5755








Blanco has joined bands on stage such as PapaRoach, Hoobastank, FAR & Deftones (Video below)


Endorsed by Thrust Drums, Rich Sticks, DW Drums and more.

Specializes in Fire Breathing & Stick Twirling. Contact for References.