Las Vegas August 2012: The Mache Mission

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“So I hear you’re going to Vegas, Mind if I invite myself?”  And that’s pretty much how it all happened. It had been a little while since I had made my way to the 702 but with a plan to play many tournaments and disappear off the grid for a few days, I found myself en route to Vegas within a few short hours with Team Spade members ; DX & Mache.

3 Tournaments Entered:

Tourney #1: 68 P; Rank 30th.  Lost with QQ vs AA (Woke up w QQ in 1stP. I raise: 5 fold, 1 call, SB reraises. Call, call. Flop:9,10,J.
SB raises, I push All In, fold,SB calls w AA. Out:30th)   DX & Mache also both lost with QQ vs AA this evening. Strange?

Tourney #2: 63 P; Rank 24th. Lost to an older woman calling her whole stack with a 3 outer on the river, and hit. #SuperSuckOut

Tourney #3: 50P; Rank 6th. Final table agreed to pay bubble. Guess who was Bubble Boy? #GotPaid

Other Spades attended tourney 3: LogJammer & HorseCock. So great to see you both!

Bucket list accomplishment: Walk up to a busy roulette table, take out cash and play black 22. Hit black 22. Walk away.

Happy Birthday John “Mâché” Williams. @HardRockCafe #Legend

I had a great time in Las Vegas Gents. Thank you for assisting RayLo apply the life “reset” button. I got a great phone call while in Vegas and now it’s back to LA for the real job. #DRUMS

Stay Tuned…





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