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Last week while I was in Los Angeles I produced a music video for Anthem Films.  We shot most of this in one day and it got edited right away for immediate release. A big special thanks to all of my crew for helping make this vision a reality.  Should I be concerned that in all of my years of producing music videos- that only my last 2 consecutive videos have had choreographed dancing?   A first time working with real WOLVES too!  Anyways, enjoy the video. Share and spread the love! Thanks for watching & remember to sign up for my blog below.


Dance the night away with @DJ S.K.T. and Rae.

Featuring Rae
“Take Me Away”
Atlantic Records


Director: Mister Whitmore
Production Companies: Sonny London & Anthem Films
Executive Producer: DJay Brawner
Head of Production: Derek Dale
Producer: Ray Blanco
1st AD: Mel Anderson
Director of Photography: Patrick Jones
Steadicam: Dustin Heindl
Choreographer: Ray Basa
Production Designer: Cody Fusina
Wardrobe Stylist: Monique Vatine
Stunt Driver: Michael Essa
Editor: Sean Fazende
VFX: Gianennio Salucci
Commissioner: Shadeh Smith
Directors Rep: OB Management

Neico Joy
Ayumi Fukazawa
Ki’Leigh Williams
Yesika Velasquez
Muata Langley

Wolves appear courtesy of Project Wildsong

Dean Karr RayLo Working RayLo w Wolf


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