Danny Ocean
“Me Rehuso”
Warner Music
Director: DJay Brawner
Producer: Ray Blanco

Production Company: Anthem Films
Executive Producer: Blake Greenbaum
General Manager: Nicole Swedlow
Creative Director: Paul Giacomazzi
Head Of Production: Amy Silliman
Production Coordinator: Gabriel Younes
Director’s Rep: Yvette Lang-Einczig
Director Of Photography: Elias Talbot
Production Designer: T Bone Whipple
Make Up Artist: Afton Williams
Make Up Artist: Lexi Kleyla
Wardrobe: Lo VonRumpf
Oil Art: Michael Coursey
Projection Imagery DP: Justyn Moro
Visual Projection Art: Paul Giacomazzi Gabriel Younes
Editor & Visual Effects: : Kyle Cogan & Simian Design
Colorist: @Arianna Shining Star Pane @ Velem
1st AD: Niko Philipides
Key Production Assistant: Robert Main
Production Assistant: Mike Van Dusen
Production Assistant: Joey Leyba
Production Assistant: Robert Bracker
Production Assistant: Aaron Khon
1st AC: Ivan Acero
2nd AC/DIT: Ajiri Akpolo
Gaffer: Daniel Kagle
BBE: Edward Salerno
Key Grip: Kevin Hahn
BBG: Dimitri Christoforidis
Lead Actress: Kaci Tansey
Intern: Logan Regnier

Special Thanks to EastSide, Slow Motion Inc, Dunia Films, Cine Power, Alan Gordon, JL Fisher, LA Sound, Wooden Nickle, Siren, Avon, EVS, The Monroe Hotel, Tina’s Catering and of course my Team at Anthem for always supporting my demands & requests. Thank You Kaci for making the flight work… I can’t believe we made it happen. Thank you Mister DJay Brawner for bringing me on board to quarterback this animal. 🙂 We shot both an English and a Spanish version of this in one day. This is the Spanish version. Danny Ocean – Me Rehúso (Official Video)

Kaci Danny Ocean music video

Kaci in the Desert

Blanco & Brawner Danny Ocean music video

Blanco & Brawner

Kaci & Blanco on set Danny Ocean music video

Kaci & Blanco

Blanco Poolside Palm Springs Danny Ocean Video

Blanco Poolside Palm Springs

We experienced one of the biggest pre-production “FIRES” I have ever endured. This video really would not have come together without a real team effort. Big special thanks to Team Anthem.








People who are not involved with PRE production will never fully understand the absolute pure joy of having ONE minute to yourself on set day and nothing going wrong or being needed… if only just for the minute.











I can’t not mention… it has 50 million views in 4 weeks.  Rad.  Otherwise, just another day at the office.  Thanks for watching.

xo rB

Danny Ocean – Me Rehúso (Official Video) on YouTube *Spanish*
Danny Ocean – Me Rehúso (Official Video) *English*

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