From Here to Eternity
I <3 U Foo!

Dear Felix.

One year ago today was our last day together on this earth. Our 8 years together were some of my best, most memorable times I ever experienced. You taught me to love, listen, learn. You gave me responsibility and purpose. You made me smile when i was down and would protect me when I felt unsafe. We traveled the world together, living in beautiful exotic places with rivers, oceans, pools, trails. We drove and flew cross country so many times. You chased so many balls and dug so many holes. You taught me to open my eyes and to explore. And to live like nothing else mattered. Because nothing else mattered to you when you were with me. Friends, Lovers and Others came and went but at the end of the day it was you & I. I am so grateful for our time together, though shorter than I could’ve ever anticipated, I want you to know how much I love you. You made me who I am today and you will always be in my heart and on my arm. I love you from here til eternity Foo.

“There isn’t Anything I Wouldn’t Do, To show You That The World Is Incomplete Without You”

♥ papa

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